Download the automatic installer

InfoportLauncher is used to automatically install and update the EA Infoport application. If it is launched and has access to the Internet, it will automatically check the currently available version of the EA Infoport, download the installation and updates and install the application. Further installation steps (connection to the database, etc.) are already performed in the user environment of the portal.

If InfoportLauncher does not have access to the Internet, you still need to download the portal installation packages and pass them to the InfoportLauncher application in the form of a command line parameter.

Description of how to work with the InfoportLauncher application is available at the link "InfoportLauncher" manual, or you can go through the “Quick Installation” manual.

The authenticity of the file can be verified using an MD5 hash. (The hash is calculated on the exe file, not the zip.)

Date of Issue Download Link MD5 Hash
04.01.2020 e497885258d5f540db62e7d5fb64168d