Demonstration site

On this page you can find a link to our demonstration site of the Enterprise Architect Information portal. The site is fully functional and it is reverted into default state each six hours. You can try almost everything there (including administration) except features related to LDAP / Active Directory connection.

Link: Demonstration Site

User credentials:

  • User Name: admin
  • Password: P@ssw0rd

User credentials:

  • User Name: kkockova
  • Password: P@ssw0rd

Access to the demonstration site via Enterprise Architect

If you would like to connect your Enterprise Architect to our test site (for example you would like to see reaction of portal to changes you made in diagram etc.) you can download the EAP file (it’s not an actual EAP file but only a link to our test site – you can simply open it in EA).

Please, keep in mind that the changes in structure of repository (moving element from package to package, creating new elements etc.) appear in EA Infoport as soon as you make a refresh of particular browser branch. Until that, the EA Infoport takes the structure from its cache (the same way how the EA itself does it).

Screenshot of EA Infoport

Download EAP file