Regardless of the type of licence you own, you can view a list of frequently asked questions and answers or use our helpdesk, which can be found at the following link: helpdesk

If you have a free licence (Personal, NP-EDU) or SBE or MBE licences, simply enter a ticket using the “Submit a problem” command.  Select EA Infoport – Changes or EA Infoport – errors as the category, depending on whether you need to troubleshoot an error or implement new functionality. It is important to describe the problem well or attach screenshots, etc. The email entered in the ticket must correspond to the domain of the email to which the licence is registered (i.e. the specific address before the at sign may differ, the domain after the at sign may not.

The system will generate a unique problem (ticket) ID, which can be searched for using the “View existing problem” command.  

So far, the procedure is the same for the above editions. However, the next step is different – for licences such as Personal or NP-EDU, we do not guarantee when and whether we will solve the problem at all (although we will of course help all users within our capabilities,– especially if it is an error).

For SBE/MBE licences, we do not guarantee a solution time, but we will start to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

We may have to contact you regarding further information, agreement on possible handover of the hotfix, etc.

If you have a licence with an SLA contract (CORP, GOV), you can use the helpdesk (to which you have, however, full user access by default and can therefore monitor the list of your tickets, their status, etc.).

You can then use any contact information as well as the hotline, the number of which is in the service contract.