Licensing of EA Information Portal Application consists of two parts:

  • Licence purchase price.
  • Annual technical support

What is the licence

The licence means the non-exclusive right to use the EA Information Portal application in the edition purchased and for the purposes permitted by the licence (related to the applicable edition of the EA Information Portal).

See the text of the licence below.

Licence Purchase Price

This is a lump sum, and once paid, a customer becomes the licensee. It means that the customer is authorised to use the functionalities of the EA Information Portal application that are included in the applicable licence (relating to the edition of the EA Information Portal application) and for the purposes permitted by that licence..

This licence is permanent, i.e. it can be used indefinitely. At this point, our licensing policy differs from that of Sparx Systems itself, which only offers licence leasing – customers must pay the appropriate amount again each year, and if they do not do so, they will lose the right to use the application.
The licence price also includes a year of technical support (see below).

Annual Technical Support

It is the time during which customers are entitled to technical support (depending on the edition of the application they own) and for which they have access to all new versions of the EA Information Portal application. After the period of technical support expires, customers can purchase technical support for the next year (and thus have access to all released versions of the EA Information Portal application again for the next year) or not, and then they can use a version of the EA Information Portal application indefinitely in the version that was last released when it still had technical support available.

A licensee may purchase, from the expiration of the last period of purchased technical support, annual technical support for a period of two years. After that, the technical support extension can no longer be purchased. If customers want to access a new version of the EA Information Portal application, they must purchase a new licence.

The technical support period is always calculated from the first day of the month following the month in which the new licence was purchased or the annual technical support was purchased.

The technical support always applies to a specific edition of the EA Information Portal application (in terms of price) and always to the purchased licence. Therefore, if a customer owns two licences, they must purchase two appropriate technical support extensions.

Licence Entitlements

Product – EA Information Portal application.
Licensee – a natural person or legal entity who has purchased or otherwise obtained a licence for one of the product editions.

Entitlements arising from the licence
The licensee is entitled to use the Product for the purposes permitted in the edition of the EA Information Portal application licensed by the customer. In particular, a distinction is made between:

  • Commercial use, i.e. use for purposes which are intended to make a profit.
  • Non-commercial use, i.e. use for purposes which are not intended to make a profit. The exception is non-profit organisations and schools, which can make a profit, but this is not their primary purpose.


The licensee is also entitled to:

  • The use of the Product on the part of a natural or legal person (and its employees) for whom the licence was purchased (by the licensee). The entitlement also applies to employees of third parties or other persons without an employment relationship with the licensee, natural or legal, if they work directly for the licensee, provide the licensee with services as suppliers or to whom the licensee provides services. However, they always use the installation of the application that is owned by the licensee.
  • Using the Product to display/configure repositories, the number of which is allowed in that edition of the Product. A repository is one specific database scheme used to store data of the Enterprise Architect application of Sparx Systems.
  • Use the product to present data created by the licensee to third parties.


Additional Terms of Use of the Product
The Product can only be installed and used on the licensee's own hardware resources. For the purposes of this paragraph, the licensee’s own hardware also means third-party hardware located in data centres or at other operators that the licensee uses on the basis of a lease or similar agreement.

The licensee is entitled to use the version of the Product at the time of purchase or other acquisition of the licence and all other versions of the Product released during the period when the licensee has access to technical support for the Product. 

The licensee is not entitled to lease, lend, share or sublicense the Product to third parties (natural and/or legal) or otherwise allow third parties to use the Product if these persons do not work for the licensee (see above).

The licence is granted for the Product as a whole, incl. all innovations. It is forbidden to separate, install or run components on more computers than the relevant edition of the Product allows.

The licensee is not entitled to use knowledge of the ideas, procedures, structure, algorithm and methods used on which the Product is based or which it contains, even if it is acquired in the lawful use of the product, except for their use for the purpose of operating the Product, i.e. to achieve mutual functional interconnection of computer programs or systems. This knowledge may not be used either for the development, production or commercial use of another computer program, or for other actions endangering or infringing the copyright and business interests of Dataprojekt s.r.o. The licensee is obliged to maintain confidentiality about this knowledge.

Decompilation of the Product or the use of other technical methods of obtaining information on the internal functioning of the Product is prohibited.

Licence terms may change over time.