Download EA Infoport

Here are the latest versions of the Enterprise Architect application for download. These files are not needed at all during a standard installation – the automatic installer (InfoportLauncher) can download the files, verify their authenticity and install them.

These files are only needed if InfoportLauncher does not have access to the Internet and therefore cannot access the update site. Then you need to download the files manually, or verify them and pass them to the InfoportLauncher installer via the command line at startup.

It is always necessary to download the (last released) full installation of the portal and then the patch (the last one is always enough).

For the exact procedure, see the installation manual or the quick installation procedure.

RC means release candidate - these versions are intended for testing of new functionalities, not for production use.


Portal Version File Type Date of Issue Download Link Hash File Changelog Patch 01.06.2021 e20f8846a5d77f2e88adcb2a092e7ac6 Changelog Patch 05.05.2021 121a65a75d875dd90d7fa5a42148e884 Changelog Full installation 27.04.2021 6f27e55ee392a90b3e25a0e25c81af43 Changelog Patch 20.01.2021 b468381008de415b70fda2338a492f93 Changelog Patch 07.01.2021 df8cc0a089738ebd78ea56873d64310f Changelog Patch 15.12.2020 631d1c7fa44a7383e90dde947078db07 Changelog Patch 04.12.2020 18763769d49a54b2b90e3312258eb64c Changelog Patch 23.11.2020 552fb21b5850291f57f67ccb1e1e5e5a Changelog Patch 03.11.2020 aeed33644ba253d82296fd7e78ca1f24 Changelog Full installation 23.10.2020 e5d551575a378f0c0f75af54d518b85a Changelog Patch 12.10.2020 f82701804016deb06e2f406c86377d13 Changelog Patch 07.10.2020 1191595e619bb60f4f2e6aafd24abb73 Changelog Patch 02.10.2020 a44a955164616a5ad857a877c5979476 Changelog Patch 29.09.2020 3d40487a81616efb70daf3f1b9b1e298 Changelog Patch 29.09.2020 269b508f6a0bd3d778cb1548cb2f436e Changelog Patch 22.09.2020 93233904c3984eeaea0e024496279b5f Changelog Patch 10.09.2020 bac3e8bad63c198f23cf7b3d9a72d813 Changelog Patch 28.08.2020 c7a88788bc618ef31f0f5d229584ba0a Changelog Patch 24.08.2020 a4c2e450a7e937275c5de8f98d761688 Changelog Patch 14.08.2020 976d942253094ec1dfff4a6163d79339 Changelog Patch 07.08.2020 2b085bab9f3dc486f19d3479db71582d Changelog Patch 03.08.2020 4764e13dc948fd50f8ff891c2a411fe7 Changelog Full installation 20.07.2020 54ab359a1d755681a01e40421a6addb5 Changelog Patch 08.07.2020 dd656fd3d1c9a761adda7240fdde4749 Changelog Patch 24.06.2020 5079447884a9158490f5bc0c71b3f6fc Changelog Patch 15.06.2020 313804a706512522eb7cec9dc20fcb33 Changelog Full installation 01.06.2020 2385239ad0e44598d9de39743eaa27d5 Changelog Patch 18.05.2020 be7f42d6ebb832292be31cff5888862d Changelog Patch 11.05.2020 ae223d74405456969cc1abb7466575e4 Changelog Patch 28.04.2020 3e5177b1b56f92f33c204c1efeba3e64 Changelog Patch 20.04.2020 992dab6ef1d0308a361dc16f14c315e1 Changelog Patch 07.04.2020 b906ef6fd79fecb13a0e1c2771521171 Changelog Patch 28.03.2020 523d74d8ba69f41aaf4facceea754df7 Changelog Full installation 25.03.2020 5c3d318275de2ae862385085dd498334 Changelog