Permissions on Repository Parts

EA Information Portal supports a package-level permission system (branches browser repository trees), both for reading and (since version 7.5) for writing.

Therefore, you can restrict the reading of parts of a model to specific groups or users. Not even the Enterprise Architect tool has this functionality.

It is therefore possible to restrict the access of certain users (for example) to specific projects, sensitive processes, risk analyses, strategic business models, etc.

This feature fundamentally supports the effort to have all models in one repository.

Permissions can be set for both groups and users.

The rights are applied hierarchically in descending order starting from the package on which they are set.

In this context, a new role is introduced in EA Infoport – an owner of a part of a process. This role will be able to assign reading writing (and other) rights to the parts of a model that it owns (tree branches). Users or groups can be an owner. This role is introduced so that the repository administrator (admin) does not have to set all reading or writing rights.

Example of use

  • Restriction of access of external contractors working on a joint project. Everyone sees only what they are allowed to see. 
  • In the event of termination of cooperation with a supplier, it is sufficient to terminate access via the EA Information Portal.
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