Live Preview of the Enterprise Architect Repository

EA Infoport displays the repository browser as Enterprise Architect has it in real time, without the need to generate anything. However, you can turn on a filter that shows only packages and diagrams. (It hides elements).
Diagrams can be scrolled, zoomed, etc.

Náhled na repository 1


The repository browser also supports the ability to hide/show a stereotype in the tree (in front of the element name), similar to Enterprise Architect.

Náhled na repository 2

The elements in the diagram are active (clickable) and behave similarly to EA. Information displayed for a diagram or element is configurable at the system and user level. (They can choose what they want to see.)

Náhled na repository 3

In addition to a diagram, you can also display the detail of an element, method, port, attribute part, etc. All displayed information can be configured.

Náhled na repository 4

To display details of a diagram or element, you can obtain a path in dotted notation (as in EA).

Náhled na repository 5

In the tree, you can also turn on (and off) displaying stereotypes, similar to Enterprise Architect. This is especially useful if a user models, for example, in BPMN or ArchiMate and does not want stereotypes to expand the tree unnecessarily.