Full-text Search

The information portal supports full-text searches throughout a model repository. The searched elements/diagrams are displayed in a list that can be filtered or sorted. You can view the detail of the searched elements or find them in the tree.

Fultextové vyhledávání

Advanced Full-text Search

A user can choose whether to use the basic full-text search or the advanced one. During the basic search, only elements are searched, and only some of their fields (typically name, note, alias, keywords, etc.).

If a user selects extended search, objects, packages, diagrams and other elements are searched as well as child elements (ports, exposed interfaces, attributes, operations, etc.). All their fields are searched.

Uživatel si rovněž může zvolit, zda chce vyhledat přesnou shodu výrazu, nebo stačí že je daný výraz obsažen (contain vs exact match).

Searching the portal is similar to searching EA.

Over time, more specialised reports will be added (search according to EA path, etc.).

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