Confluence and MS Sharepoint Support

The EA Information Portal supports connections to Confluence and Sharepoint tools (and others where IFrames can be inserted).

One or more unique links can be generated for each detail of a diagram, package or element. These links can be inserted into Confluence (html macro), etc. – EA Infoport in this case does not generate the whole page, but only the IFrame, which then displays a live (constantly updated) view of the EA repository.

The link can contain a specially generated token that displays the page in Confluence without a user having to log into the portal (or have an account in it at all). If the link does not contain a token, EA Infoport first verifies that a user is logged in. If so, it will display the data. If not, the user must log in (or be logged in using Active Directory) before the data is displayed.

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The list of generated (existing) links can be displayed in the EA Infoport AI and possibly cancelled.

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