Export / Import XMI via the portal

Export / Import XMI via the portal EA Infoport Team Mon, 06/07/2021 - 14:27

Export / Import XMI via the portal

EA Infoport supports exporting the XMI of the selected package (and children) to XMI format, which can be imported into Enterprise Architect, edited, and imported back.

The user must have access to the exported package (read + export and, in case of reimport, import).
During the export and reimport, all bindings between elements will be preserved, even if the elements at one end of the binding are not located in the exported package.

This functionality is especially useful if there are several users/groups that are not allowed to see each other's model parts (located in the same repository) and need to be able to edit them in Enterprise Architect. This problem cannot be solved with Enterprise Architect alone, because if a user accesses the repository, he can see everything (editing can be prevented, viewing cannot, even with the help of the RLS functionality that is accessible, for some DBs, in the Ultimate Edition EA).

Procedure: the user marks the package he/she has access to in the portal tree and clicks on the "Download XMI" command. He imports this XMI into his repository and modifies it as needed (in the EA tool). After this modification, it re-exports the XMI from EA and this, via EA Infoport, to its original location.