Active Directory Support

Enterprise Architect can be connected to one or more Active Directory servers.

AD automatically imports groups from AD into the Information Portal. The import is performed according to AD groups, where the administrator must define which AD group he/she wants to import into which Infoport group.

NTLM authentication – if a user is registered in Active Directory and Active Directory is configured, the user does not have to log into Infoport manually – he/she is logged in automatically with his/her Windows account. However, the user can still log in manually (usable, for example, if another user needs to log into the information portal on the computer with the logged in user.

If the user is not found in Active Directory and Infoport has multiple Active Directory servers configured, they are all searched one by one. If the user is not found anywhere, a login dialog will be displayed, where he/she can log in manually (or only as a guest).

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